1. Navigate to Core > Content > Resource Boards
  2. From View Boards, choose the Resource Board you want to view
  3. Choose the +Post button in the top right corner of the page
  4. Add Title, Description, choose if the page goes to a Direct Link, Detail Page, or Event Registration
  5. Choose the board(s) below you wish to publish to and publish dates (and expiration dates if applicable)
  • If the post is a Direct Link then you can select the link category, select the link, then save and close the popup.
  • If the post is a Detail Page then you would choose your Detail Page Layout and either "Save & Create Detail Page" or just Save and then you can click on the post later and create your Detail Page.  
  • If the post is for an Event Registration then use the drop-down menu for "Select Registration" to pick the Event Registration you would like the post to go to.