You can import test scores via a data import. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Core
  2. Hover your mouse over System Tools
  3. Select Data Import
  4. Click Create import job
  5. Select the Student Category from the drop down box
  6. Click in the Import type dropdown and select Test Scores
  7. Name your import

Please use ALL the Column Names below in your import file as ALL the Column headers are required. If you do not have information to place in a column just leave that column blank with the correct header. You can use User ID, Student ID, OR Host ID to import these Scores.

As long as the main Test Description is the SAME for each Subtest (same Spelling and Capitalization) and grouped by Student vs Test, then the Subtests will all display within that main Test Name.

For example in my Excel File if I have John Smith with 1 row for a PSAT subtest and then the next row is his SAT for a Subtest and my main Test name is Test, they will both nestle under "Test" on the Test Score Screen. If in my Excel File I have all Students listed who have a PSAT Test Score, and then All Students listed who have a SAT Score, then there will be a separate instance for each test Score meaning each Student will have Test with Subtest PSAT and then Test with SAT and they will not be nestled under the main Test name.

Note:This import can not be used to update existing test score records, nor will it prevent the insertion of duplicate test score records. Please review your file prior to submission.


Column NameRequiredData TypeMax LengthDescription
student_idTRUEINTN/AUnique number assigned to a Student in Core
host_idTRUEintN/AUsers Host ID which is unique to each user and usually is assigned from another system
user_idTRUEintN/ABlackbaud assigned unique ID for the candidate/student
test_date_time​TRUEdatetime Date/time associated with test.  Must be in MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY format such as 10/6/2017  12:00:00 AM
registered_dateFALSEDATE8Date User Registered for Test such as 9/6/2017
registered_locationFALSE  Location of Test such as City, State, or School Name
rescheduledFALSE  FALSE for not rescheduled TRUE for rescheduled
no_showFALSE  FALSE for showing up TRUE for not showing up
proctor_idFALSEINTN/AUser ID of the User who gave the Test
proctor_otherFALSE N/ARole/Title of Proctor such as Principal
test_descriptionTRUEvarchar50Test name - exact match to Test name as set-up in onBoard > Settings > Tests.
commentFALSE  Test Comment
overall_scoreFALSEreal4Test Overall Score
subtest_descriptionTRUEvarchar50Subtest descriptive name - exact match to sub Test Description as set-up in onBoard > Settings > Tests > Subtest.
scoreTRUEreal4Subtest Score.
percentileFALSEreal4Subtest Percentile
scaleFALSEreal4Subtest Scale
stanineFALSEreal4Subtest Stanines
subtest_commentFALSEnvarcharN/ASubtest Comment