To process an inquiry:

  1. Go to Enrollment Management
  2. Admissions > Select Admissions Management 
  3. Select process Inquiries 
  4. Select the preferred Inquiry form you would like to view/process in filter options
  5. Review the Inquiry to select/review the preferred option 
    • Select the Inquiry link to the right of the candidate to view/edit their Inquiry Detail Information
    • Select the Word and PDF icons to download or print the inquiry form data.
    • Assign the appropriate Checklist to the candidate, as well as the appropriate Admissions Staff member (optional) to the candidate.
    • Review any Potential Duplicates:
      • Here, you will be able to review potential duplicate parents/candidates. You can either Create a New Account (if it doesn't already exist) OR Update existing user account (if there is a duplicate) OR Do not create a user account

      • Create a username for the candidate at this time (optional).

  6. Select Process