Admissions Managers and Staff can mark items as "Awaiting," "Requested," "Waived" or "Completed" on a candidate's checklist.

It is important to mark items as "Completed" so the candidate can move through the checklist steps.

If a staff member determines that a checklist item does not need to be completed, they can mark the item as "Waived."

Prospective families can view which of their checklist items have been marked as "Completed" on the Admissions Progress page in the community.

To manage checklist items for a candidate:

  • Go to the candidate's detail page.
    • Select Enrollment Management from the persona menu >
    • Use the "find a candidate" search, or select a candidate from the Recently Viewed/Recently Added tabs. 
  • Go to the Checklist menu.
  • Select Awaiting, Requested, Waived or Completed for the appropriate checklist item.
  • If necessary, update the Due date or the Completed date using inline editing.
  • If necessary, enter notes for the checklist item by clicking on the yellow paper icon.