1. Navigate to Academics> Grades> Report Card Setup> Report Card Builder (old)
  2. Click 'Edit' to the right of the appropriate Report Card
  3. For Assessment report cards:
    1. Edit the date under Access Dates for the appropriate role on the General Information tab
  4. For Standard report cards:
    1. Select “Access/Grades” in the left menu
    2. Click “Edit Access/Grades”
    3. Edit the date for the appropriate roles and Save

Transcripts can be unpublished to all roles per Transcript

  1. Navigate to Academics> Grades> Transcripts Setup> Transcript Builder
  2. Edit the appropriate Transcript
  3. Select “School Years” from the left menu
  4. Edit the appropriate school year
  5. Uncheck “Publish to All” and Save

Access can also be removed for entire roles (all Parents, Students, etc…) for Report Cards and/or Transcripts

  1. Navigate to Core> Security> Roles
  2. Select the role for which access should be removed
  3. Click “Tasks” in the left menu
  4. Select “Edit” in the top right
  5. Disable the “View Report Cards” and/or the “View Transcript” tasks as needed
  6. Save & Exit