The Graphical Viewer output option is available starting in version 12.5 in many standard FIMS reports on the Send To tab.  It has the following features:
  • A more presentation-quality result directly from FIMS
  • New modern font and format
  • Export in JPEG Image and PDF formats
  • Sidebar with Thumbnails
  • Print button
  • Zoom in or out buttons
  • Next page, previous page, last page, first page buttons
  • Cancel button to stop processing of the report
  • Hyperlinks to gifts or grants in the Edit report version.

Tips for printing in the Graphical Viewer from Data Grids:
  • For printing purposes you should ensure your Data Grid has the number of columns that will fit in standard page sizes such as landscape or legal.
If you have a Data Grid with a lot of columns that you would expect to fit on a landscape orientation, and you want to print in the Graphical Viewer, we recommend the following steps:
  • After the report appears in the Graphical Viewer, click on the Page Setup button at the top.
  • Page Tab: Make sure Orientation specifies Landscape.
  • Layout Tab: Check the box that says Size to Fit (Note: Choosing a Size to Fit option in your Printer options will not work - you have to choose the Size to Fit within the Graphical Viewer).
  • Then choose the Print icon from the Graphical Viewer and make sure the Orientation for your printer is Landscape.
  • Click the Print button.

Issues the Graphical Viewer has:
  • The Graphical Viewer sometimes opens behind other windows when multiple FIMS windows are open.
  • The Graphical Viewer has a maximum of 50 columns from data grid views.
  • Search functionality is not currently available in the Graphical Viewer.
  • Not all export formats are currently available for all reports.
  • Some reports will not run.  Run the report to the regular viewer instead.