Error: errno=22 reading promsgs file - when working in FIMS

While working in FIMS, I get an "errno=22 reading promsgs file, it may have been deleted." error message ( Click ok. You may receive any number of similar error messages).  Then FIMS closes.
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This is usually a network path error.  You lost your drive mapping to the server or connection to the server.
  1. Reboot workstation.
  2. Reboot FIMS server.
  3. Investigate network (possible bad network cable, port, Ethernet card, switch).

Drive mapping being dropped on the workstations to the server can be caused by the following issues:

1. UAC:

2. When shared folders are being mapped by group policy and the action is set for replace rather than update:

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3. Make sure your network adapter does not allow the computer to turn of the device to save power
  1. Open Device Management > Network Adapters
  2. Right click on your network adapter and choose Properties
  3. Go to the Power Management tab
  4. Uncheck the box that says 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'
4. Exclude the machines receiving this error from the group policy and instead manually map them to the Network drive.




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