Error: Failed to update FIMS .NET Assemblies configuration on this workstation. ERROR: Runtime error: Access denied. - when trying to launch application

How do I fix this error?
Failed to update FIMS .NET Assemblies configuration on this workstation. 
ERROR: Runtime error. Access denied...
1. Right-click on the FIMS Icon and run as administrator. You may receive the message "msgOpen: Unable to open message file: PROMSGS" when doing that. In this specific instance, this error many times is resolved by turning off UAC. One of the causes is that the user, in this case Administrator, does not have permissions to the PROMSGS file in the Progress installation directory, however FIMS does need to run with elevated privileges the first time it is run after an upgrade so that .net assemblies are updated.

2. If the error still occurs after running FIMS as admin, check and see if UAC is turned on, if it is then turn it off, re-start the computer and launch FIMS again. You should then see another window saying that .Net assemblies were successfully updated.

How to disable UAC:

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3. Be sure that the Windows account logged into the computer is a local admin and that the Windows account has rights to install and change folders on the machine.

Other solutions:
On the workstation, close FIMS, then open a Command Prompt with administrator privileges. To do so:
  1. Right click the desktop, go to New > Shortcut.
  2. Enter “cmd” (without quotes) and hit the enter key twice.
  3. Right click on the black “cmd” shortcut on the desktop, and select Run as Administrator.
  4. You may need an Administrator password at this point.  Consult your IT people if needed.
Correcting the Error:
  1. In the Command Prompt window, Type: N: (If you receive an error, type: net use n: \\{server-name}\npo ) You will need to have a space between n: \\.
  2. Type: cd found\fims\tools
  3. Type: reports.bat n:\dlc\bin\* n:\found\assemblies\* reports.log (There should be a space between each argument - it may work best to copy and paste this into the Command Prompt Window.)
  4. Type: type reports.log
  5. If you see the message “Added union code group with “-url” membership condition to the Machine level.  Success” then the errors should be resolved.
  6. Try logging into FIMS on the workstation.



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