The option of not marking gifts as acknowledged is a safety net in case the data file you processed does not contain all of the fields you need.

The Donor Acknowledgement Letters function in Mail includes only gifts marked as Not Acknowledged. When you export a group of gifts, you receive this prompt: "Do you want to mark gifts included in this run as 'Acknowledged'?"

If you click Yes, you're telling The Raiser's Edge not to include the gifts in future acknowledgements. This enables you to avoid acknowledging the same gift twice; however, if you discover you need to export the same gifts a second time, but they're already marked as Acknowledged, you must first change them back to Not Acknowledged.

If you are using Donor Acknowledgement Letters for the first time, we recommend you click No at the prompt. After you actually merge the letters and are confident the process is complete, re-export Donor Acknowledgement Letters using the same parameters. This second time, click Yes when prompted and simply delete the exported file.