• If the site administrator is no longer with your organization, and you are an Active User in Blackbaud's records, follow these steps to provide authorization and ensure your organization's security:
  1. Copy and paste the Site Administrator Request Authorization Form (below the line) onto your organization's letterhead.
  2. Provide all required information.
  3. Have a representative of your organization who is authorized to approve this change sign the form. (This must be a physical signature in ink, not a signature graphic.)
    Note: An individual may not authorize his or her own site administrator request. Another qualified representative at your organization must sign the form for your security.
  4. Scan the signed form and attach it to your Support case or send to Support via your organization's FTP folder. Please note the form cannot be accepted via Email or Fax for security purposes.
    If you are not working with a Support analyst, chat with an analyst to complete this request and confirm which site administrators are no longer with your organization.
  • If you are not an Active User in Blackbaud's records, please have someone internally who is an Active User contact us on your behalf to get you added.
  • Please note that only one Site Administrator may be created using the Site Administrator Authorization Form. Once that user has been set as a Site Administrator, they can make another user a Site Administrator by following the steps listed here: https://kb.blackbaud.com/articles/Article/43479

Site Administrator Request Authorization Form
This authorizes Blackbaud, Inc. to make the following individual a site administrator:
Individual Name:
Individual Title:
Individual Phone Number:
Individual Email:
Organization Name:
Organization Address:
Organization Site ID:
I acknowledge that site administrators can:
  • Invite new users to create Blackbaud.com logins on behalf of my organization
  • Add and remove user roles, including the site administrator role
  • Disable Blackbaud.com logins for users at my organization
  • Update my organization's address in Blackbaud’s records
  • Reset my organization’s Blackbaud Merchant Services, Blackbaud Payment Services, and Blackbaud Hosting Services passwords, if applicable
  • Download the supervisor password reset utility for my organization’s software, if applicable
Note: Every Blackbaud client organization has at least one site administrator who manages your organization’s information in our records. More information is in the Blackbaud Customer Guide.
Authorized representative's name:
Phone number: