Letters can be added to constituent records on the Letter menu to merge customized letters using the opened constituent record. The Letter menu is considered a user option (i.e. the menu is tied to the RE user name),  so each user can set up their own menu with the letters and order they want. While the Write a Letter feature just merges name and address to help you start a blank letter, the Letter menu can have more letters added so you can have customized options: 
    1. If not already done, create letters and the letter codes in Configuration. For the constituent record Letter menu, set up the letter and letter code at Config > Letters > Constituent.
    2. In Records, open any constituent.
    3. Select Letter in the top menu bar and then Modify Letter Menu.  
    4. Click Search, and select the letter you would like to have appear in the Letter list.  
    5. Click Open.  
    6. Repeat steps 1 - 5 for any additional letters you would like to add.
    7. Optionally, arrange the letters using the Up and Down buttons. Organize letters further inserting Separators (divider lines) to group like letters in the menu.
    8. Click Close. (Note: The letters selected here and arranged here are user-specific. Each user must set up their own Letter menu.)

    If the Letter menu options are grayed out, please refer to Letter menu options Create a New Letter and Modify Letter Menu are grayed out