1. Double check to ensure you are using the correct credentials for logging into Blackbaud Hosting Services. The username will not be the same as your Blackbaud.com username, and may be different from your database view username. 
  2. Contact your organization's Blackbaud Hosting Services administrator to verify your username if you are unsure or need to confirm.
  3. Once you have verified your username is correct, have your Blackbaud Hosting Services administrator also reset your password for you.
If you are the administrator of your organization you can reset hosting passwords for yourself or other users from Blackbaud.com.

To reset a hosting password on Blackbaud.com:

NOTE: Only Site Administrators will be able to reset hosting user passwords and unlock hosting user accounts on Blackbaud.com

  1. Log into your Blackbaud.com profile
  2. Click the three horizontal lines menu icon in the upper-left corner and Select 'Admin'
  3. Under the Reset Password section click the Hosting link
  4. Click Reset Password beside the appropriate user name​
  5. Enter a temporary password that does not contain the User name and click Submit 
  • NOTE: The user will be prompted to change the password upon logging in
  1. Notify the user that he or she can log in with their original username and the temporary password