Error: One of the files in the setup has an invalid certificate. File: [path to file] Invalid or no signature.

When updating or installing a  workstation, The Raiser's Edge - InstallShield Wizard hangs during "Validating Install" and users subsequently receive the error: One of the files in the setup has an invalid certificate. File: [path to file] Invalid or no signature.  This error is also known to occur when copying the file from the deploy folder to the local machine.

Try each of the following steps in the order listed until the issue is resolved: 

  1. Grant the user's Windows account Read & Execute permissions to the deploy folder
  2. Repair the deploy folder to replace any missing files
  3. Disable the Network Adapter's (NIC) TCP/IP Checksum Offload features on the problem workstation(s)
    1. Go to Properties of My Network Places
    2. Go to Properties of the servers Internal network card.
    3. Click the Configure button
    4. Go to the Advanced Tab
    5. In the Property box, click the Offload TCP Segmentation property.
    6. In the value list, click Off, and then click OK.
    7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 on the following properties if they are listed below
      • Offload Receive IP Checksum
      • Offload Receive TCP Checksum
      • Offload Transmit IP Checksum
      • Offload Transmit TCP Checksum



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