To set up BBMS and BBPS accounts (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) visit and continue through the prompts that follow. To gather the information prior to starting the prompts please complete the Quick Start Checklist. If a BBPS account has not yet been created, it will be part of the BBMS provisioning process. For security reasons, only the Organization Admins can setup BBMS and BBPS accounts. Please see I need to become a site administrator for steps to give access to the appropriate user.

​After the Blackbaud Merchant Services account has been created, it needs to be added to the software being used to process transactions. Please see the Getting Started Guide for a walk-through of each software.

Additional resources:

Note:  If working with more than one currency / bank accounts for more than one currency (eg US dollars, Canadian dollars and / or UK pounds) the bank accounts must be domiciled in the country - eg US dollar account must be for a bank account in the US, UK pound account must be for a bank account in the UK, Canadian dollar account must be for a bank account in Canada.