To edit the statement descriptor:
  1. Log into the BBMS Web Portal at
  2. Click Account Management > General Settings
  3. Under Contact Details, click Edit contact details
  4. Enter a name that is easily identifiable to donors. The name must not be more than 18 characters, so some abbreviation may be necessary. It cannot contain the following characters:
    • <
    • >
    • '
    • "
  5. Enter a phone number and an email that will direct any donor questions to someone at the organization that can appropriately field those questions.
  6. Click Save

Please note that some banks will include BB* in front of the selected descriptor, which stands for Blackbaud. During the initial processing, donors may also see PENDING on their credit card statement as the transaction passes through BBMS. For more information, please refer to What shows on donors credit card or bank statements for my organizations transactions through BBMS?