When you click register for event on webforms, nothing happens

When clicking the Register button in an event registration web form, the page does not load the next form.  This occurs when either a quantity has not been selected for the event, registration options have not been defined for the event, or when all price types on the event are prohibited on the web.
If you are using a fundraising event:
  1. Add registration options to the event record.  Note: If you do not have any registration types in the dropdown, use these steps to add new registration types.
  2. On the registration form, enter a quantity for each desired registration option.
  3. Click register. 
If you are using a scheduled or pre-registered program event: 
  1. Go to the event.
  2. Go to the Prices tab.  Note what the price types are.
  3. Go to Tickets > Sales Methods > Online Sales > Price Types tab.
  4. Look for the price types on your event.  Click on those price types and click Allow.  Note that this will make these price types available online for all events that the price type is on.
  5. If these price types should NOT be online for all events, add a new price type (BB706731) and add the price type onto your event.



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