Cannot edit Campaign or Appeal field in Batch for an Event Registration with an Additional Donation

When an Event Registration Transaction from NetCommunity which contains and Additional Gift is processed, the Campaign and Appeal fields will not be editable on the resulting Batch (Campaign and Appeal can be edited when an Additional Donation is not present). This occurs regardless of whether the Process Now or Bulk Processing buttons were clicked on the Transaction.

You will need to click the "Split Gift" button at the top of the Batch screen. 
This will bring up a pop-up that lets you change the Appeal & Campaign for the Event Registration fee and the Additional Donation separately. 

When you are on the Batch screen's main grid, the Gift shows as 1 line-item, but it is split.  You cannot change the Appeal or Campaign in this grid, because the Gift is split, and it doesn't know if you're changing the Appeal of the Event Registration fee or the Additional Donation.


 6.55.526, patch 4

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