Cannot find order to refund

In Sales > Refunds, I cannot find my order to issue a refund.  In addition, there is no refund order button on my order.

In the refund screen, I only see some of my tickets to refund, but not all of my tickets to refund.  

After an item is partially refunded, no further refunds can be issued to that item.

I partially refunded an order and need to refund the full amount.
Currently, Altru only allows one refund per item.  We have an idea on our Community regarding this:  I encourage you to vote on this post as this is an opportunity to have a voice in the product development process.  Our Product Management team uses a variety of methods to determine new features in Altru, and the ideas in the Community is one way they do this, so your vote helps Product Management prioritize the new features that we put into the product.

In the meantime, issue the full refund through the credit card processor, such as BBMS or Cybersource.  For more information about how to issue a refund in BBMS, you can refer to the following Knowledgebase article: How do I refund a transaction.



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