When searching for constituents, I get no results

When searching for constituents in the "merge two constituents" screen, the constituent search screen at the top of Altru, when searching for a registrant in the Add a registrant window, or another search screen, I can't find constituents. This seems to particularly happen when searching in merge two constituents or may happen if you are trying to search by alias or for inactive/deceased constituents. Also, I am not able to locate a constituent in the system to add an author name when I am making a new note. Searching for the same constituent in Daily or Advance Sales works fine. 
  1. In the constituent search screen, click the words "Show advanced search options."
  2. Ensure that the proper boxes are marked, such as Individuals, Organizations, include inactive or deceased, or check aliases, if needed.
  3. If you are using a wild card, such as %, to search using just part of their name, ensure that the box to "Match all criteria exactly" is not marked.  If it is marked, unmark the checkbox.
  4. Click Search again.
Note: This search screen is sticky so once you change the search settings to look for organizations or to not match all criteria exactly, it will use those same settings the next time you search.



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