Note: The My Fundraiser Page will only display interactions that have the status of 'Pending.' If the objectives (interactions) have a status of 'Planned' the interaction will not display on the My Fundraiser Page. Additionally, in order to see the My Fundraiser Page your Altru user account must be connected to your constituent record, and your constituent record my have the 'Fundraiser' constituent code. Please see I need to make a constituent a solicitor for information about making a constituent record a 'Fundraiser.'

If you are using prospect plan templates ensure your first objective (interaction) in your template has the status of 'Pending'. This will ensure the first step will show on the My Fundraiser Page for the assigned fundraiser to that objective (interaction). If you are creating objectives (interactions) manually in the prospect plan  Altru defaults the status of all objectives (interactions) to "Planned." Follow the steps below to change your objectives to a status of pending. 
  1. Go to Prospects > My Fundraiser Page
  2. Click on the Prospects and Plans tab
  3. Click on the Plan Type next to the desired Prospect
  4. Click on the double Green Arrows next to your desired objective
  5. Click Step > edit
  6. Find the Status Detail and change the drop down option to Pending
  7. Click Save
  8. Return to your My Fundraiser Page
  9. See your new pending activity
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As objectives (interactions) are completed in the prospect plan via contact reports users must update the next step in the prospect plan to 'Pending' for it to show up in the Pending activity tab on the My Fundraiser Page.