How to update the text or merge fields of a membership card

Membership cards are issued to new and renewing members in Altru as a proof of membership.  Membership cards are typically printed in a large group from the Print membership cards process.  Sometimes it is necessary to change the text on the membership card to update the card, for example for changes to the membership or membership benefits. 
  1. Update the existing Word document that was used for the membership card OR create a new membership card format.
    1. If you need to download your existing membership card template from Altru, go to Marketing and Communications > Letter Template Library
    2. Click the drop down next to your template, then click Edit. Note: If you don't know which membership card template is being used, go to Memberships > Print Membership Cards. Next to the name of the Print membership card process used, note the Card format name.
    3. Click the blue link (name of the Word document)
    4. You will need to redo the mail merge on this downloaded document. Go to Marketing and Communications > Letter Template Library.
    5. Under Tasks, click Generate header file
    6. In the Letter type field, choose Membership card, then click OK to download the header file
    7. Save the downloaded CSV header file to your local workstation
    8. Open the Word document template file and use the downloaded CSV header file to perform a mail merge. Update the content and merge fields in the document as needed.
    9. Save your updated membership card template to your local workstation
  2. Go to Marketing and Communications > Letter Template Library.
  3. Click on the Membership card template that needs updating, then click Edit.
  4. Click Clear File to remove the current card document.
  5. Click Choose File, and browse out to the updated membership card template Word document that you saved on your local workstation.
  6. Click Save.

Click here to find more information on what merge fields are available in membership cards.



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