The R68 report produced by The Raiser’s Edge is formatted to meet HMRC requirements. This is the schedule of payment that accompany the R68(i) form that you complete then send both to HMRC. refer to the Gift Aid and Tax Repayment claims document for more information on completing the R68(i) form.

Prior to running the R68 report we advise that the Update Gift Aid Status is run.  This will ensure that all unclaimed gifts are up to date for tax purposes.
The records will then be checked to ensure the information required by HMRC is present.  A pop up window will show with any issue found.

If you are running multiple R68 reports to make up a retrospective claim, then the Update Gift Aid Status only needs to be run once, before the first R68 Report in the series.

refer to How to Make a Retrospective Claim for Gift Aid in The Raiser’s Edge (UK) for more information on retrospective claims.

Each time you run the R68 report the tax claim number on the General tab of the report should be unique.  This will ensure that you can easily query on all gifts included in a particular claim.
The exception to this may well be when running the R68 report several times for different date ranges, to make up a retrospective claim as each report makes up one claim to HMRC.

To run the R68 (New Gift Aid) Report –

  1. Click Reports, Gift Aid Reports
  2. Select Generate R68 (New Gift Aid) Report and click New
  3. Enter the appropriate parameters on the report tabs
  1. General:
  • Include all records, a query of selected records, or one record. The available query types are Constituent, Gift and Individual. Use query to filter records that cannot be filtered in the report parameters.
  • Tax is normally claimed for a specific time period and therefore you would normally choose <Specific range> for the Date field and specify the start and end date range to be used
  • Select whether inactive, deceased or constituents with no valid address should or should not be included in the claim.
  • Under “Include” select if you wish include Tax Claim for gifts that have not yet been claimed, Tax Refunds for gifts where the tax should be refunded to HMRC or Both.
  • Specify an unique claim number for this run.
  • If applicable declaration is other than Oral, scanned document must exist should only be considered if you have the Blackbaud Gift Aid optional module.  If ticked, scanned documents must exist for the constituent before the gifts are considered for inclusion in the R68 report.
  • Update eligibility for all unclaimed gifts is automatically ticked.  This can be unticked but note that, even when unticked, Raiser’s Edge will still check the gift date to ensure the time limit has not expired.
  • Include posted gifts in the update should be selected if gifts whose NL Post Status is set as Posted should be checked by the Update eligibility for all unclaimed gifts process.  NL Post Status is present on the Miscellaneous tab of the gifts.
  • Select whether to preview or print the Update Gift Aid Status control report and whether to produce an output Constituent or Gift query for the gifts included in the R68 report.
  1. Filters: Filter the report by appeals, campaigns, constituent codes, or funds. By default, all values are included
  2. Gift Types:  As tax can only be claimed where money is actually received, only Cash, Pay-cash and Recurring gift pay-cash are available for inclusion.
  3. Attributes: Include or exclude records based on constituent or gift attributes. If including a selected a query on the General tab, the Attributes tab only includes or excludes records in the source query.
  4. Ind Address: Defaults to None as HMRC does not require the constituent’s address to be present on the R68 report.
  5. Format:
  • Under Sort / Break you can change the order in which the report is produced.  The default is for the report for HMRC to be produced in name order.
  • Under Name Formats, highlight Individual and select the appropriate Addressee/Salutation to Use option.
    • From individual: Select this option to use an addressee/salutation type present on the constituent's Addressees/Salutations tab (e.g., Primary Addressee or Primary Salutation). This prints the addressee/salutation exactly as it is listed on the constituent's record, including addressee/salutations marked as editable.
    • From Configuration: Select this option to base the name format on a formula from Configuration's Addressees/Salutations screen, regardless of what's entered on the constituent's Addressees/Salutations tab.
    • Use individual name: Select this option to pull the constituent's first name, middle initial, and last name (e.g., Mark G Adamson).
       Note: In Reports, the default setting is Use individual name. 
  1. Click the Print or Preview button to process the report.
The first report produced by the R68 is the Update Tax Claim Eligibility report that lists any gifts that have been updated by the Update eligibility for all unclaimed gifts option.
You can print or save this report and then close it.
  1. Raiser's Edge then checks the data to ensure the information is complete and includes all required fields for HMRC to process the claim.  This is an example of the screen that can be shown should it be found that information is missing -
HMRC required information missing

NOTE: The constituent title is not checked by this process as this is no longer required on declarations by HMRC.
See Gift Aid Declaration Forms section of HMRC page where the required fields for the constituent name are first name or at least an initial, and last name.

Click Open constituent option to open the record and resolve these issues then save and close the constituent and click Refresh to update the warnings list.
Click Cancel to stop the process, in which case the below steps are not completed.
If issues resolved click Proceed to continue

  1. The R68 report will then be produced.
  2. When the report is printed, either by clicking Print on the report screen or by printing from the preview screen, you will be prompted Update the Tax Claim Number for each gift processed?
  3. Select Yes if the tax claim number specified on the General tab should be added to each of the gifts in the report.
  4. Select No if this is either a test run or if there are questions you wish to address. 
  5. If No selected the gifts are not updated and therefore the report should not be sent to HMRC.

Note - For instructions on how to complete the Gift Aid Submission directly from The Raiser's Edge (Implemented in April 2013), see BB740842.