Error: The total percent distributed must equal 100% - when paying a scheduled payment

You may receive the following error when trying to pay a scheduled payment: The total percent distributed must equal 100%. The invoice distribution is correct but the payment distribution is showing $0.00 amount(s).    
This was fixed in Patch 23 for 7.87.164. Download and install the latest patch which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Records > Vendors > select the Activity tab and open partially paid Invoice.
  2. Select the Payments/Credits tab and select the scheduled payment.
  3. Click Pay Now and note that the Distribution shows 0.00 amounts on both lines of distribution.
  4. Click Record and Close. You may receive Error: the total percent distributed must equal 100%.


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