Change patron on payment is grayed out

In Altru you have the ability to change the patron on orders and change the constituent on payments. If the payment has do not post adjustments, the change constituent on payment will be grayed out.
When setting an adjustment post status to do not post, the change constituent on payment task menu should be disabled. If the constituent on a payment needs to be changed, it should be done before marking the adjustment Do Not Post.
  • Note: If you make an adjustment with the post status of Not Posted, the change patron on payment should not be grayed out.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Revenue, click Add a Payment
  2. Select a constituent, enter an amount
  3. Select donation as the application, select a designation, click add
  4. Click Save on the payment
  5. From Financials, click Post Revenue to GL and start the process to post this payment
  6. Once this process completes, go to the payment
  7. Click Edit posted payment and change the application
  8. An adjustment will be created and select Do Not Post as the post status 
  9. Click Save
  10. Notice the change patron on payment is grayed out


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