Users are not listed or missing in the Database Connection Viewer in Blackbaud Hosting Services

The Database Connection Viewer does not show the names of users logged into the database. Users can see the computer name or Blackbaud Hosting Services application server name in the Database User column, but only one user name will appear in the Username column. The name that appears will typically be the username that the user is logged in with.
The Database Connection Viewer outputs a variety of information on the users connected to your database. Please review this article to determine the different connection information and data points displayed in this plugin.

This tool was intended for use by locally installed Blackbaud solutions where users are connected to a single SQL server instance. For customers whose database is hosted by Blackbaud, we recommend you not use this feature as an accurate depiction of connections in the database. Blackbaud users from the same organization can be logged into different application servers to access the same database. The utility cannot view or access all servers to see who is logged in at any given time and may not display accurate number of connections.


 SQL Server 2008 R2 Express;SQL Server 2008 R2

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