To create a link to a page on the main menu:

  1. Go to School Website > Website 
  2. Click on Link To Page.
  3. Enter a title slightly different than the page you are linking it to. (ie. Give Online 1)
  4. Choose the Parent Page in the drop down. Note: Best practice is choose the header or area of the site you want the linked page to reside under.
  5. Mark the radio button for First Child Page and click Add to Menu.
  6. Next, go to the existing page and click the wrench icon. Choose Settings.
  7. Change the Parent Page drop down to the new link you had just created (i.e. Give Online 1).
  8. Change the title of the existing page to something slightly different like "Giving Online" and click Save & Close.
  9. Drag the new Link to Page into place of where you want it to appear on the Main Menu.
  10. Click the pencil icon to Edit the Link to Page and rename it the original title "Give Online" and click Save.