Payment received for Contract that has not been Submitted

When viewing the Reconcile Fees section a payment is showing but the Contract has not yet been Completed.  One parent has finished the contract but the second parent has not yet submitted

  1. In Enrollment Management
  2. Go to Enrollment > Contracts > Manage contract forms
  3. Click the Edit option to view the form setup
  4. Locate the Section that contains the eSignature Block
  5. eSignatures (All signatures required) will be selected

Since all signatures are required the form will not be fully submitted until all parents have a chance to fill it out. The first parent that fills the form out will be able to submit the payment for the form and this will show up in the Reconcile Fees section. The remaining parent will not have to pay when reviewing the contract, they will just sign and submit.

Because this is the workflow it is not advised to use payment received information for contract submission.



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