Here are some reasons why you'd want to login and add your ideas:

  1. ​You will receive updates from our product team:
    • When we change the status of the idea (i.e. from Under Consideration to Planned, etc.)
    • When product managers post an official response
    • When members of the product team need to ask you for more details or give updates
  2. You can vote on other ideas that you like, which saves you the time of writing it up from scratch 
  3. You can comment on other ideas to add your thoughts that can make that idea even better
  4. You will receive notifications when other people interact with your idea
  5. You can see all the ideas you've created, voted on, and subscribed to, in one place
  6. You can upload that new profile picture you've been dying to show off

How to sign up:

  1. It's super easy! Visit the K-12 Ideas portal on the new Blackbaud Community
  2. Click join in the upper right                       User-added image
  3. Input your email
  4. Choose, and confirm a password
  5. Type your first and last name and submit
  6. Check your email for a message that will have a button to confirm your email
User-added image
Pretty easy! We hope to eventually include SSO capabilities to make it even easier to sign in. Thanks for your patience as we work to make your experience better.