Error: Data is too long for field Max length = 50 for First Name - when processing a transaction

This error occurs when a supporter enters 50+ characters into a First Name field on an Online Express Donation page. The Raiser's Edge can only accept input for this field that is less than 50 characters in length.

This can also occur if the donor entered more than 50 characters for the name of the acknowledgee as well. Linking the acknowledgee to a record or creating a new record will allow you to process the transaction.
Link the Donor or Acknowledgee from the Gift Information to an existing record in The Raiser's Edge or create a new record with allowed number of characters in the first name field and link the transaction data.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go into Online Express
  2. Go to Process Transactions
  3. Link the donation to the correct Constituent record in The Raiser's Edge
  4. Receive the error when a First Name entered by the donor exceeds 50+ characters


 Blackbaud Online Express

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