I need to add a new printer to an existing workstation

In order to print receipts or tickets in Altru, a workstation must first be set up for printing. You may need to connect the workstation to a printer. Internet Explorer is required and the system needs to be configured with the receipt printer. If you have already setup the workstation and need to change your printer to print receipts to a new printer or add a receipt printer follow the steps below. We will also use these steps to set up a ticket printer on an existing workstation. If you first need to configure a printer in Altru, please refer to this article: I need to set up a new workstation in Altru (includes video).
Step 1: Add the new printer to the existing workstation
  1. From Tickets, select Workstations.
  2. Select your workstation name.
  3. Select Add to add the new printer to your workstation.
  4. Click save.
  5. From Tickets select Printer Lists expand the type of printer you are adding (receipt or ticket) and select edit.
  6. Scroll down in the printer list and add the printer you just added to your workstation.
  7. Click save.
Step 2: Configure the Cash drawer if it will be used
  1. In the workstation on the Cash Drawer tab, click Edit and select the receipt printer.
  2. Enter the printer codes to pop open the cash drawer. Use this link to find the code(s) = Pop drawer codes
  3. In the cash drawer payment methods, click add, select cash, check, credit, etc.
  4. Save

Step 3: Complete Test Prints

Complete a test print for a receipt:
  1. From Sales, click Order Search, click Search
  2. Select an order
  3. On the Sales Documents tab, click Print
  4. Select the document to print, click Print
Complete a test print for a ticket:
  1. From Sales, click Order search, click search
  2. Select an order that has a ticket associated with it
  3. On the Tickets tab, click print
Test Opening the Cash Drawer
  1. From Sales, click No Sale/Open Cash Drawer
  2. Select other as the reason, click Save

Note: If you are instead working in one of our Blackbaud Hosting Services products such as Raiser's Edge or Financial Edge, please refer here.


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