To create a list of current boarding students:
  1. Select List Templates.
  2. Select Constituent Information from the Category drop down.
  3. Click View/Copy for Students by Current Grade.
  4. Enter a Name for your list.
  5. In the Display Fields tab, click Select Fields... in the bottom-left.
  6. Expand .User Base
  7. Expand User Detail.
  8. Select Boarding or Day.
  9. Click Select.
  10. In the Select Objects tab, expand User Base on the right.
  11. Click the "x" for User School Defined Fields to remove it from the list.
  12. Select the Filters tab.
  13. Under Global Filters, click the "+" to add a new row.
  14. In the Field drop down, select User Detail.Boarding Or Day.
  15. In the Condition popup:
    1. In the .drop down, select starts with
    2. In the blank field, enter "B".
    3. Click Select.User-added image
  16. Click Save to save your list.
  17. Click Preview to view the lists' results.