Error: Account segments must balance - when creating payroll checks and EFT notices

When printing payroll checks and EFT notices, the error, Error: Account segments must balance, may occur. This may occur when funds in the database are required to balance by certain segments such as location or department.
If the fund should not be required to balance by segment update the fund record to no longer require balance by segment:
  1. In General Ledger go to Configuration > Funds
  2. Open the Fund in question
  3. Unmark Require to Balance for the Segment
If the fund should continue to balance by segment:
  1. In Payroll to to Configuration > Default Accounts
  2. For the Reclassification account, mask the segment that is required to balance

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate:
1. In Payroll > Select the Bank
2. Select Bank > Print Checks and EFT Notices, then select a printer
3. Select Filters, then filter on the Employee or Employees with the problem
4. Select Ok, then select Create Now
5. Note Error received.  Error: Account Segments must balance

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