NXT ratings are missing from constituent records in the web view or database view

With Raiser's Edge NXT, organizations can receive up to three Analytic Ratings as part of their purchased package.  There may be times when a user notices that one or all of these specific ratings are not available even if the correct package has been purchased.

There are 3 possible NXT ratings you can receive; Overall Wealth Rating, Suggested Donor Type, and Next Ask Amount.  Please review the subscription packages to be sure the desired rating is included for your organization.

Other possible reasons why ratings may not appear:

1.  If the constituent has a Suggested Donor Type of Suspect (S) 
  • Suspect means we were not able to verify their assets or they are not likely to give to your organization, preventing the ratings of Overall Wealth and Next Ask Amount from running for that constituent

2.  If the constituent does not have a valid address or the address is not in their name
  • The formula for running the Overall Wealth Rating is based first on high confidence that an asset belongs to the constituent.  If an address is not present, not residential, not in the United States, or the address is not in their name then the rating will not appear. 
  • Make sure that the default country in Config, General is set to United States and the (ISO) code on this default record in Config, International is set to USA 
  • Run AddressFinder through the database view
  • Ensure that the constituent is not marked as inactive or deceased
3.  If you are a brand new organization and just gained access to the web view
  • NXT ratings only appear once the web view is turned on and the first user is invited.   It can take up to 24 hours for the ratings to appear on the constituent records after the web is turned on.
4. If the record has not yet reached its screening anniversary date
  • NXT ratings have an "anniversary date", and will be excluded from any screening that occur within the next 365 days. This means that a record that was screened on 1/1/2017 will NOT be included in another screening run in 11/30/2017, but it WOULD be included in a screening on 1/2/2018.

Note: Organizations will not be assigned wealth ratings. Only individuals can be assessed for this rating based on their property ownership.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into Raiser's Edge NXT web view
  2. Search for any constituent record
  3. Under Ratings tile, NXT Ratings, not all ratings are present

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