Relationships are not sorted alphabetically when sorting by Relationship Type

Users may want to sort the Relationship tab of a Constituent Record by the Relationship Type. When looking at All relationship and selecting this sort option, the Relationships are not ordered alphabetically.
Column sorting is not enabled when viewing all relationships.

Alternate solution
  1. Open a constituent record
  2. Select the Relationships tab
  3. On the left navigation tree, select the specific relationship type (e.g., Individuals, Organizations, Assigned Solicitors)
  4. Click on the Relationship Type column header to correctly sort the the specific relationship type

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Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into The Raiser's Edge
  2. Navigate to Records
  3. Open a constituent record
  4. Select the Relationship tab
  5. Make sure you are viewing All Relationships
  6. Click on the Relationship Type column header to sort relationships
  7. They do not order alphabetically


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