The Blackbaud MobilePay app requires a Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) username, password and security code or device name to log in. Please review How to set up a user in MobilePay app. If a user has removed the MobilePay app or installed it on a new device, a new device name may be required and the device may need to be restarted. To create a new device name please see How to get a security code or add a new device for MobilePay?

If the username, password and security code/device name have already been established, ensure the MobilePay account is not locked out by completing the following:
  1. Log into the BBMS Web Portal at as a user with Administrative rights
  2. Click Account Management > Users
  3. Locate the specific User and review the "Locked out" column
  4. If "Yes" in the locked column, click the ellipses next to the account and select Unlock. Then allow the user to log into the MobilePay app once more

If "No" in the locked column:
  1. Verify the username with the user
  2. Ensure they are using the correct password. Passwords are case sensitive and can be reset following these steps:
    1. Click Account Management > Users
    2. Click the ellipses next to the user and select Edit
    3. Enter a new password, and confirm password
    4. Unmark the "user must change password on next login" as the app does not offer that option
    5. Click Save
  3. If using version 3.8+, and logging in for the first time on the device, use a unique device name not listed in the BBMS Web Portal.