This could be caused by the date that was used to withdraw the Student in the Student enrollment screen. The date that is used here needs to be after the last day of the final term for this to work and not display the W's. 

  1. Core > Users > Edit User Profile Data and search for the User
  2. scroll down to System Information > Student Enrollment
  3. Click on Re-Enroll button
  4. uncheck Include future Enrollments and use "Re-enroll in the School Year your working in then click on Save & Exit
  5. Next click on Withdraw button and select "Effective immediately", School Year the School Year you are working with and leave the depart date as today's date
  6. For Role select Past Student then click on Save & Exit
  7. Click on Confirm
  8. Now navigate to to Academics > Grades > Grade management > Enter Grades by Student
  9. Change school year to the School Year you are working with and look up the User. Click View across from Report Cards and view the Grades.

When you use a Withdraw date it needs to be a date that happens after the last day of the last term in order for the W's to not display. If we look at Core > Setting > School Information > Years and Terms and change the Selected year to the School Year you are working with and School Level to the correct School Level. For example the Third Trimester ends on 6/13/2015. The school has and end date on all of the course enrollments as 6/5/2015 and then on the student enrollment row for the user you have a withdraw day of 6/14 which indicates the student was dropped out of his classes using a different method. The above process will resolve the issue.