BBMS Disbursements not appearing in Altru

When checking the BBMS disbursements in Altru you may notice that the disbursements are not appearing in Altru, or appearing later than they should've.
First, ensure that you have enabled the BBMS auto reconciliation issue. 
  1. Go to Treasury > Reconcile transactions and disbursements.
  2. Click Enable BBMS auto reconcile under Tasks on the top left.
  3. Note: When you first select to automatically reconcile transactions processed through Blackbaud Merchant Services, all previous transactions are marked with a status of Pending. We suggest you mark these transactions as Reconciled before or just after the first automated reconciliation process occurs.
Altru disbursements should show in the database within a few days of the report showing in BBMS and may not show on the same day, 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Treasury
  2. Click Reconcile Transactions and Disbursements
  3. Click View by Disbursements


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