Yes, you can redirect an external domain to Luminate Online content through the use of Virtual Domains. Support can set up these Virtual Domains once you have configured the domain with the appropriate A Record and C Name.

Please note that this can only work with domains and sub-domains. Virtual Domains cannot be enabled for pages on a domain. For examples please see the following table:
www.example.orgAcceptable domain for Virtual Domain subdomain for Virtual Domain domain + page for Virtual Domain

To set up a Virtual Domain, you will want to:
  1. Register or own the domain and configure the DNS settings (A Record and C Name) to point to the Luminate Online servers.  The values you will need depend upon your Luminate Online admin URL. Your admin login URL is https://secure[2 or 3][short_name]/admin/ConvioLogin. The A Record and C Name values are as follows:
A Record (for
A Record (for
A Record (for Luminate CMS pages)
  1. Contact support, referencing this article (96793), and providing:
    • The domain or subdomain
    • The URL for the Luminate Online content you want the domain/subdomain to redirect to.