To copy a Page navigate to:
  1. School Website > Websites > Edit into your Website
  2. Under Pages and Menus
  3. Find the Page you would like to copy
  4. Click the Editing Wrench
  5. Click the Copy Icon (looks like 2 pieces of paper)
  6. Make your Edits to the Page 
  7. Rename the page by clicking Edit Settings
  8. Click Settings and Select the Menu and Parent Page you want it to display it on
Note: You can update a content category shared on both pages and it will update the content shown from that category (for example, if you edit a Text Category called Test > Text on the copied page this will make the updates anywhere this content is pulled onto a page). If you do not want to make the edits across all pages that category is used on, then you will want to create a new text category by selecting +Create New in the drop-down.

If you change the layout in any way such as move a Text category below a Photo category etc, then it will not update on the other (original) page.