To access case central from the ON products:

  1. Login to your school's app.

  2. Managers can choose one of the "on" personas so that the Help Panel is visible. In this example, we'll navigate to onCampus.

  3. Click the button with the question mark.
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  4. At the bottom of the Help Panel, click Case Central.
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To access Case Central from Smart Tuition

  1. From your schools site, select the Help menu in the top navigation
  2. Click Case Central in the menu
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To submit a support ticket:

  1. Once in Case Central, click Submit a Ticket at the top of the screen.
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  2. Fill out the options on screen and click Submit. 

    Tip: For questions specifically relating to the onBoard/Smart tuition Integration, select "Smart Tuition - onBoard Contracts" from the "What product is your ticket regarding?" drop-down.