Payments page for web form does not list AE as a state

Altru comes prepackaged with the state code AE (American Armed Forces Europe) for constituents who may be serving in the armed forces over seas. When these constituents attempt to purchase items online or donate through web forms they are unable to do so because they do not have AE listed as a state code to enter their address on the page.
At this time, the States populated on the Payments page are based on ISO standards. AE is not a valid state in ISO standards, and will therefore not populate in the drop down. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the affected organizations web site
2. Add something to the cart; such as a membership
3. Enter the necessary information that this item may require (if you are asked for an address, notice that AE is a state)
4. Choose to check out
5. When you get to the payments page notice that you are asked for your address information again. See that AE is not listed as a state


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