How can I Import Fund Representative and Fund Association records?

We have a lot of fund reps that need to be entered into FIMS. Is there a way we can import the fund association information?
The spreadsheet import will allow you to import fund rep records into FIMS. You can follow these steps:
  1. Setup your Excel spreadsheet with these fields
    1. DonorCentral Access
    2. Fund ID
    3. Suggest Grants
    4. Profile ID Code
    5. Rep Type
  2. Tools > System Utilities > Run Procedure
  3. Type "gui\imports\d-ssimp.w" without quotes
  4. Click OK
  5. Select your spreadsheet file
  6. Choose the fund-rep table
  7. Map the fields
  8. Import the values into FIMS
The attached file will detail the specific steps for running the import. There is also a sample spreadsheet with the fields that you will need to use.
  How Can I Import Fund

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