Security in Raiser's Edge NXT Web View is based on users and security groups set up in the Database View.
A user must:
(1) have an Raiser's Edge user name set up and, 
(2) have access to the records in the Database View to be able to see it in web view.

For the affected user, review the following to ensure that they are set up in The Raiser's Edge Database View and can access the Web View:
  1. Review security settings in the Database View to ensure the affected user has the correct access.
  2. In the Database View, verify the user is using the correct Raiser's Edge user name with the correct security set.
  3. Ensure the user can log into the Web View correctly. (Refer to: How to add a new user to Raiser's Edge NXT Database View, Web View and Ensure that the correct Raiser's Edge user name is linked to the correct account.)

When it's confirmed the affected user can see the Raiser's Edge NXT Web View successfully, an admin or supervisor user should review their security rights in the Raiser's Edge NXT Web View. (Note: These are settings unique to the Web View to grant access to the features there.)
  1. Under a Supervisor account, login to the web view
  2. Click on Control Panel in top navigation bar of the webpage.
  3. Select Security.
  4. Under Security, click on Security Groups.
  5. Under the Group Name column, click on the name of the security group.
  6. Click any Edit rights box available.
  7. In the pop-up, mark/unmark to allow/not allow access.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Back to Security Groups.
  10. Optionally if the user has additional groups, repeat steps 5 - 9 for each group. If not, proceed to step 11.
  11. Allow up to 5 minutes for changes to security rights to take effect in the Web View after updating them. Then ask the affected user to log back in to see if the correct access is present.
  12. If the affected user still cannot see the changes, ask the user to clear browser cache, cookies, and temporary Internet files, close the browser, reopen the browser, and then try to access the Web View again.