Deposit Rules will modify the contract deposit assessed based on selected criteria:
  1. Financial Aid Awarded: As defined per candidate for the corresponding school year under: 
    Enrollment Management > People Finder> (search and select candidate)> Financial Aid
Note: When setting multiple tiers of 'Financial Aid Exceeds', the system will never increase the deposit above the base amount. It will always select the lowest amount from among the rules that meet the condition:
(ex: if rules are 'FA Exceeds $1 = Deposit amount $50, and 'FA Exceeds $5 = Deposit amount $100', then a candidate with Financial aid of $10 will have a deposit of $50)
  1. Apply for Financial Aid: Applies to 'Everyone' (all roles). Only one is relevant per contract, as the lowest amount will be selected per the above note.
  2. Employee Role: Define a deposit amount by employee role. Cloned employee roles may be selected.
Deposit Rules are checked, and deposit amounts modified accordingly, at the time of contract generation.

To Create the Deposit Rules:
  1. Navigate to: Enrollment Management > Enrollment > Manage Contract Forms > Deposit Rules
  2. Select the appropriate Deposit Rule Type
  3. Define conditions for the new rule
  4. Click 'Add Rule'
  5. Repeat as needed
  6. Check the 'Active' checkbox to make each deposit rule available for use on contracts. Deposit rules that have been used on a contract cannot be deleted; instead, managers may uncheck the 'Active' checkbox to make them unavailable for adding.
Note: If a deposit rule being inactivated has already been enabled within a contract's deposit settings, it will need to be deselected in the contract's deposit settings as well.
  1. Click Save.

To enable the 'Deposit' tab for a specific contract:

  1. Edit the contract
  2. Select the 'Deposit' tab
  3. Click 'Block Settings' to the right of 'Deposit Options'
  4. Select if the deposit will be:
    1. A fixed amount ('Required Fee')
    2. A variable amount 'By Grade'
    3. A 'Percentage' of :
      1. (tuition)
      2. (tuition + required fees)
      3. (tuition + required fees - FA)
      4. (tuition - FA)
  5. Enter a deposit amount
  6. Select a Payment Gateway
  7. Payment Options: Select Yes for each payment option that should appear on the contract.
  8. Check Deposit Rules to enable, under 'Deposit Exceptions'
  9. Click 'Save'

For the 'Applying For Financial Aid' Deposit Rule, you will need to be sure the following checkbox is marked under the individual candidate's 'Edit Contract' options ('pencil' icon to the right of contract under Enrollment Management > People Finder (search and select candidate)> Contract tab).  This can be done when adding a contract to a student individually as seen below.
Check 'Applying for Financial Aid'

In the same 'Edit Contract' area, you can over-write both the Tuition and Deposit Amount Due fields after the contract has been generated, and the amounts entered will reflect on the contract when viewed by the parent.

The easiest location to see how a deposit rule will affect a candidate's deposit amount owed is on the information window that comes up just after clicking 'Generate Contract' for a candidate. If the amount reflected is not correct, then you can make appropriate edits to the candidate's financial aid and/or the contract deposit rules before committing to generate.

Regarding Smart Tuition: for a financial aid amount to be carried over to Smart Tuition as a  Smart Tuition Discount, Financial Aid Mapping would also have to be defined under Core > Settings> Blackbaud Connections > Smart Tuition > Financial Aid Mapping. Please refer to the following knowledge base article for more information on Financial Aid Mapping:  How does Financial Aid Mapping work in the Smart Tuition Integration?