When the name of the person whose credit card information is entered on the contract is different from the name of the parent on the contract, the Reconcile Fees task does not have a way to flag those particular accounts.

This information can be pulled into the Processed Transaction with Student Details report. To run this report:
  1. Go to Analysis > Reports.
  2. Select the category Credit Card Processing -- Credit Card Processing.
  3. Click Run next to the Processed Transaction with Student Details report.
  4. Select the type of form the payment was excepted on (Application, ReEnrollment, etc.)
  5. Select the Date Range to view.
  6. Select Yes for the Show Details drop-down.
  7. Click Generate Report.
This report will show various information, including the student's name and the person who is listed as paying the charge. For ReEnrollment, the information displayed in Detail mode is as follows:
  • Student Name
  • Entering Grade
  • Transaction ID
  • Name on card/Submitted By
  • Card Type
  • Card Number (last 4)
  • Date
  • Total Charges