Query refresh not working when run in queue

When a query is dynamic in a queue followed by an export or report related to the query and the queue is run, the query will produce no results for the report or export. 

This is a consequence of a designed functionality of Queue. When a dynamic query is refreshed through a queue, it is converted to static to provide a snapshot of its contents at that time.

If needed, Change the query from dynamic to static,

Steps to Duplicate

  1.     Create a dynamic query. Confirm there are results. In my example, the query is called Gifts this quarter.
  2.     In Admin > Queue, create a new queue with Query refresh and Query Export.
  3.     Run the Queue OnDemand.
  4.     Upon opening the CSV, there are no results. There should be results here. I should see the same gifts that are in my query.
  5.     Go back into RE > Admin > Queue and run the same queue OnDemand.
  6.     Open the CSV, and you will now see the data


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