Individual User experience:

User profile page, which has information specific to the User, but no Organizational information

Select Support Resource from the drop down, where they will find all support resources.

They can choose Other sign-ins to see this:

NOTE: Only Admins can perform functions like password resets or unlock codes. If another user needs to perform these tasks, they will need to be elevated to Admin by another Admin. Manage Roles is no longer used as we no longer have specific product roles. There is an Organization Admin and there is a support user. If a user is an Organization Admin, they are also a support user. 

Changes for Administrator’s
As of 11/15, the Organization Admin (formerly knows as Site Admin) will have access to the Admin section from the left navigation menu of the home page. They click the three lines on the top left (called a hamburger menu):

Where they will find Organization and Administrative specific tasks, such as:
  • Billing and shipping addresses, with the ability to edit
  • Products owned and their renewal dates
  • Any important contacts within Blackbaud
  • All password reset and unlock code functions 

Users and Admins is the new home where Admins will invite and manage Users.

Authentication is where SSO can be managed for the Organization

For more information and detail, please reference the Admin Help File