1. Log into the BBMS Web Portal.
  2. From the Account Management drop down, select General Settings. 
  3. Within the Disbursement Information tile the Disbursement schedule for the account is listed. 
If your account is subscribed to Four times a month you can view the schedule details for the account on the Home screen within System messages. Please see What is the four times a month Disbursement Schedule for Blackbaud Merchant Services? for additional information. 

If the account is subscribed to Daily, click the Daily link to open the schedule which is a sample month calendar for your account.  

Daily Calendar Notes:
  • Funds are credit card and direct debit transactions approved between midnight and 11:59:59 pm Eastern Time.
  • Funds from <Date> Deposited is the date funds are disbursed to your bank
  • Refunds and Chargebacks are included in the next available cycle.
  • If a refund is processed for a transaction not yet disbursed, the refund will be included in the disbursement cycle of the original transaction. 
  • Transactions Approved on Saturday and Sunday are included with Monday’s total
  • Direct debit transactions are “Pending” the day they are processed and need to be in an “Approved” status to be considered for deposit, usually the next business day.

If you've recently upgraded to daily disbursements from the web portal, all transactions Approved from that point forward are considered for the daily disbursement schedule. Please see Why are there multiple cycles included in my disbursement report? for more information.