Accessing the sample database:

  1. Exit and sign out of the software if you are already logged in
  2. Log back into the software
  3. From the database selection screen select the Sample Database option.
  4. Use the following Username and Password:
    • Username: Supervisor
    • Password: admin (or ADMIN in all uppercase, if using The Raiser's Edge version 7.91 and higher)
If the Supervisor password has been changed in the Sample Database, these credentials should also be tried.  By default, these two RE Usernames have Supervisor rights and would have access to Security.
RE Username: Rob
RE Password: ROB

RE Username: Emilie
RE Username: EMILIE

If these credentials are not valid, reset the Supervisor password for the Sample database.


  • The sample database has separate security from the live database. Changes to the Supervisor password made in the live database are not copied into the sample database and vice versa. If you receive an Invalid Login error when accessing the sample database, refer to Error: Invalid login when accessing the sample database.
  • If you are in the hosted environment, to access a sample database, download and install your product locally. Each product can be installed as a standalone or in a test network environment.
  • If prompted for BBPS credentials when logging in, review Prompted to enter BBPS credentials when logging in to Sample Database for the first time.
  • If the sample database is not installed, download the sample database from our website. Once the database is installed, attach it to the Blackbaud Management Console [SQL Server].