The phone import ID (PhoneImpID) links the information being imported to existing phone numbers. It is required when updating existing phone numbers through Import. Without this field, the program would not know which phone number to update.

The Phone Address Import ID (PhoneAddrImpID)--only applicable in The Raiser's Edge 7.93 and earlier--links the phone number to an existing address. For more information, see What is the Phone Address Import ID and how to find it. If working in The Raiser's Edge 7.93 and earlier, this field is also required along with the Phone Import ID for import.

How to export the Phone Import ID:

In version 7.94 and above:

Go to Export, expand the Phones node, select Import ID, and filter on the desired phone type(s)

In version 7.93 and earlier versions:

To export the phone import ID, go to Export to export it from one of the following nodes (depending from which address you are exporting the phone number):

  • Addresses, Preferred Addresses, Phones, Import ID
  • Addresses, All Addresses, Phones, Import ID
  • Addresses, Address Processing, Phones, Import ID

NOTE: While Phone Import ID is available in Query, outputting phone fields can cause duplicates in query results. For generating import data from The Raiser's Edge, use either Export or create an import data file (export) using Import from Admin > Import > Constituent > Constituent Phone.